Quincy woman accused in fatal house fire pleads not guilty

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    A woman charged in connection to a fatal Quincy house fire that claimed the lives of two children pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter Wednesday morning.

    Marilyn Kramer appeared in an Adams County courtroom for an arraignment hearing.

    She’s accused of using damaged and hand-spliced electrical extension cords to supply electricity from her neighbor’s home to heat her own home.

    Judge Robert Adrian told the court that Kramer is accused of placing those cords under a mattress, which sparked the fatal fire.

    Toby Brewer, 8, and Emma Kramer, 5, did not survive the October 12, 2018 fire at 611 North 8th Street.

    A jury trial has been set for May 13. Judge Amy Lannerd is scheduled to preside over Kramer’s trial.

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