Your anti-aging secret weapon

    Microdermabrasion treatment (photo:Louisa Alten)

    Did you know one of the top requested aesthetic procedures is now microdermabrasion?

    With new generations of wet or dry systems there are now more choices than ever to create a newly minted look. The science behind microdermabrasion is the spraying of fine crystals or particles to resurface the skin. This helps speed up your natural exfoliation mechanism. It also helps lift skin discoloration and provides a polished youthful glow. Earlier systems used a vacuum pressure that drew out impurities within the skin. Newer technologies reverse the vacuum pressure to infuse active skincare ingredients. Either way microdermabrasion can help reverse the signs of aging, so to blast away the years try microdermabrasion. Your local professionals listed on this page can help you create the best overall lifestyle! Be sure to check in with them today!

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