Working For You: Preschool Teacher

Working For You: Preschool Teacher

"I like to play."

Welcome to Mrs. Moore's preschool classroom.

"They know what my expectations are. Walking feet, quiet voices, clean up my toys, be kind to my friends."

Three days a week this group of four-year-olds meets at Blessed Sacrament Catholic school.

"They can learn so much more than people think they can. They're just incredible."

The key to keeping these kids engaged is through the art of disguise.

What looks like play is secretly introducing them to early childhood standards.

"Every time we make it different, we need to try it and see if it's going to work. They don't even know they're doing STEM activities and they're loving it and enjoying it."

We practiced a few of those standards in a pumpkin-themed activity.

"We're ordering, that's a standard, putting things in order. We're tracking, making sure that we're going in the right direction as we're beginning to read and we're recognizing letters."

And believe it or not, the toughest part of this job isn't teaching toddlers.

"The hardest part of my job is explaining to parents. Most people think it's still play."

But every single minute of every day is filled with learning activities.

"I always have a mini lesson, circle time, new concept, then we do guided practice. If they don't struggle with it then we'll do more guided practice, near the end of the month then I'll do an assessment with them."

Those assessments can track each student's growth from the beginning of the year.

"So we collect a lot of different work, math skills, we collect sorting and classification and that gets harder."

Mrs. Moore says ultimately, it's about getting her students ready for kindergarten.

"Giving them a positive start, that's my whole focus. That's why I love it so much."

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