Working For You - Florist

Working For You - Florist

"Anyone can put some flowers together and it'll look nice because flowers are intrinsically beautiful but I think some people just have that extra special touch."

It's people like Abby Schlepmann who have an artistic knack for floral arrangements.

"I always loved nature and being outside and being outdoors."

She owns Lavish Floral Design in Quincy and has been working with flowers for more than a decade.

Having a degree in horticulture, she's well versed in flora and fauna and all that goes into taking care of them.

"Most of the flowers, I know those by heart."

Whether it's weddings, funerals or a simple romantic gesture, Abby makes arrangements for every occasion.

This week Rachel Pierson joined her to learn what exactly goes into these exquisite works of art.

From the moment a shipment arrives...

"It's very time consuming."

It's a physically demanding process that can take anywhere from three to four hours.

"We have to unwrap all of the flowers, strip the stem of any leaves, cut the stem."

Then it's time to craft a beautifully unique display.

"Any good florist, you're not going to see any wire or mechanics."

Abby makes it look easy because she's literally done thousands.

But that doesn't stop her from putting her heart and soul into her work.

"You hire me because you want beatuiful flowers and you want it to be stress free."

Even with Abby's guidance and a lot of practice...

"You're a natural!"

Rachel's arrangement is no match for her expertise.

"I think there is definitely an art to floral design and some of that comes with being a natural artist."

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