Working For You: Firefighter

Working For You: Firefighter

Most of us are used to seeing firefighters in emergency situations.

When seconds count, they work diligently to keep their community safe.

But often what you see is only a snapshot of their job.

That's why KHQA's Rachel Pierson joined the Hannibal Fire Department to get the whole picture of being a firefighter.

Before they battle the blaze, emergency responders need to be prepared.

That means having all the right equipment and gear.

Now imagine putting all of this together in less than 90 seconds.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this job is trusting your team.

One example is in a search and rescue.

Working together we were able to cover the floor of an entire building looking for victims.

All while anchored along a wall, and blindfolded.

Unlike most nine to five jobs, this one requires a little more commitment.

Firefighters leave their families and friends for a 24-hour shift at the station.

And in a moment's notice, they're ready to spring into action.

There's no doubt this group of individuals is equally committed to each other and their community.

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