Working For You: Coffee Barista

Working For You: Coffee Barista.

"We have the best cup of coffee in the area."

Electric Fountain Brewing in Quincy is taking your coffee to the next level.

That means roasting, grinding, pouring and serving a cup of coffee unique to you.

But how often do you think about where your coffee comes from?

"It's really important for people to be looking at fair trade and paying above market value, because what they've ran into lately is coffee farmers not wanting their kids to go into that business. This is the farmer's livelihood."

Electric Fountain imports these organic beans from around the world - but they're not quite ready for consumption.

"It's got a grassy taste to it. It's real chewy."

Before these beans are ready for your enjoyment, they need to be toasted and roasted.

"When you roast coffee you'll roast it and you'll hear it crack. That means the beans expanding and it's releasing all the carbon dioxide and getting it's flavor."
"You see that crack in the bean right there."

It's a surprisingly scientific process getting the temperature just right, roasting for the right time, and getting the most flavor out of each bean.

"This is what goes into your coffee, look at how much work that is! The date, drop temp, end temp and yield."

Once the beans are roasted, they sit for about a day before they're ripe.

Then it's time to make the perfect drink.

It's easy to see how being responsible for everything but the farming brings a sense of pride to these baristas.

"A lot of people think you're just making coffee like you make at home. I've been doing this for a while, I appreciate how many details there are. How many little tiny things go into making something good."
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