Working For You: Brown County Sting Squad

Working For You: Brown County Sting Squad

Whether it's the players, the fans or the field, there's an unshakable sense of pride for the Brown County Hornets.

"Every home game, Friday night, this is a beacon for our community."

And much like the players prepare for a victory, so does the Sting Squad.

That's why Rachel Pierson joined them to learn what it takes to maintain an award-winning field.

"Usually the first question of another coach is, who paints your field?"

Since 2004, this group of volunteers touches up the turf before every single home game.

That means laying down fresh lines and free-handing yard numbers.

"Oh yeah. It's a lot of work and we just like to hear people say the field looks great."

"They protect it, and treat it really well, and do an amazing job for us."

But they're work doesn't stop on the grass.

Through donations and fundraising, the squad provides a lasting memory for the players.

"We give each senior a mini helmet, of our emblem helmet, and a picture of them in action."

Having won the last eight years in a row for their immaculate work, the Sting Squad says it's ultimately about supporting the team.

"It's a place where you see people you haven't seen all week and there all here for the same thing, to cheer on our boys hopefully to a victory."

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