Short term and long term benefits of working out


Summer is basically here and it's not too late to work towards that summer body.

KHQA's Hailey Vetterlein was live this morning at NuFIT in Quincy to talk about the benefits of working out.

When it comes to working out it's not all about the muscles or weight loss.

Excercising also helps with sleep, energy, and mental health.

Owner of NuFIT, Jenna Hull, says being active now will help you immensley in the long run.

If you don't start doing something today for you that's where you're going to be, you will be sitting on the sidelines while your kids and your grandkids will be out running around becuase you don't have what it takes to get up and run around with them," said Hull.

Hull made an interesting point when it comes to working out.

She said even thought you may feel good now, it's about being able to go down the stairs when you're older and not have to use the handrails.

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