JWCC holds first Tri-State Manufacturing Conference

Oscar Amos welding in his industrial class.

John Wood Community College is putting the final touches on their first Tri-State Manufacturing Conference.

The Conference is meant to inspire people to consider a degree in manufacturing.

Manufacturing is a way of life for Oscar Amos.

He's in his second semester as an industrial welding student at John Wood Community College.

Oscar went back to school after the place he previously worked for stopped production.

He sees John Wood Community College as his second chance to learn new skills needed to succeed.

"We just started on the stick welding, that is the SMAW, and I got the hang of it now so I really like that, too,” Amos explains.

Amos is not alone in wanting to learn new skills; there are many students here with similar stories.

Just like Randy Hufford, who says he's a non-traditional student studying manufacturing technology, he believes anyone can build anything they put their mind to.

"This has helped me in so many ways, it has given me confidence. It has gotten me a better job,” says Hufford.

William Stuflick is the Dean of Career, Technical & Health Education at John Wood Community College and says the Tri-State Manufacturing Conference aims to bring together local manufacturers.

"It is connecting the leadership in the Tri-state region to make them more competitive, give them an idea or a better understanding of some of the resources that are out there to assist them in their growth,” says Stuflick.

Randy plans to attend the conference and says mastering new skills and experiencing new things is exciting, “Anything you can think you can make.”

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