Residents tune into the holiday spirit with the Quincy Symphony Orchestra Association

Many folks from around the Tri-States enjoyed the Quincy Symphony Orchestra's Christmas Concert on Saturday.

There was much laughter and excitement as all of the Christmas classics were performed.

One person especially excited was William Spear, the winner of the 2014 Battle for the Baton. Spear won out of five local celebrities because his campaign was able to fundraise almost $6,500.

All of the money raised goes to "Encore!" - a charity that raises money for youth music education. Associated with the Quincy Symphony Orchestra, the winner got to guest conduct "Sleigh Ride" during the performance.

Spear insists that while it was a fun process, the children are the ones that benefit.

"I think this is a fun contest but a fundraiser that is going to help with music programming in schools and in the area," Spear explained. "It is going to help with music education in our community and keep things like the Symphony and the arts that we have going."

When asked if he was nervous, Spear laughed and said he would like the Symphony handle the music portion of the performance and that he was just going to try and have a good time.

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