Points of Interest: City Museum

Photo of a rooftop ferris wheel on top of the City Museum.

Each day, the city of Saint Louis welcomes thousands of people into an old shoe factory.

In this building, people can climb, explore and enjoy artwork and architecture of all kinds.

The City Museum opened it's doors on October 25th of 1997.

"The building was built in 1920. It was a distribution center for the old International Shoe Warehouse. Bob bought it for its solid concrete construction. And in the center of the construction, there are these shafts where they would drop the shoes from floor to floor. We turned those into giant spiral slides," Rick Erwin, director of the City Museum said.

He says they are constantly adding new exhibits.

This museum doesn't hold itself to one type of attraction.

"There is something for everyone. We do not have an ideal age. I would say six and up, wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothing. But we have architecture from Saint Louis that are good for like grandparents and people who love Saint Louis. There is also architecture from Chicago. We have over 27 slides. We have a cave system. We have a Ferris Wheel on our roof. We have a skateless park where you can just run. The aquarium, circus and there is a shoe lace factory that still makes shoelaces in the original manner," Erwin said.

Erwin says they bring in people from all over the region, and even from all over the world.

"I have been here one other time when I was here a couple years ago, and it's very neat. Very neat place. Lots of things to do. I have got an eleven year old and a thirteen year old and they are having a ball," Rebecca Howard from Kansas City said.

"I had a family from China just yesterday. We are internationally known, I was in Denmark speaking about the museum. They brought me over. Typically you see families from at least four hours away," Erwin said.

If the atmosphere of the City Museum doesn't bring you in, maybe a rooftop Ferris Wheel ride will.

Erwin says the City Museum opens two to three big attractions each year.

They are currently working on their biggest indoor addition to the grounds.

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