Pigging out at the 46th annual 'Pike County Pig Days'

Thereâ??s plenty of yummy pork at the 46th annual â??Pike County Pig Daysâ??

There was an exciting event in Pittsfield Saturday. Its purpose was to enjoy all of the different foods you can make out of a pig.

Craig Stauffer grew up eating a healthy dose of pork.

"The pig, the roast pig is the best part of it,â?? Stauffer said. â??Itâ??s just cooked all whole hog. That's the best way to cook a hog and it just has full-flavor.â??

In his youth, he came to a celebration that worships perfectly cooked pig.

"Back in the 70s â?| 60s and 70s. Always, did make it up here," Stauffer said.

Now, he lives in Memphis, Tennessee, but decided to take a vacation to relive one of his favorite childhood memories.

"Then meeting all the community, all of the people that came in to enjoy the pig,â?? Stauffer said. â??That was the best part."

It's an event that brings BBQ fans together to share their love of all things pig.

"We are celebrating the pork industry in Pike County with the 46th annual Pike County Pig Days," Kaye Iftner, Executive Director of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce said.

Stauffer's taste buds waited a long time to savor some of the delicious hog.

"Probably, 35 years since I've been back here for pig day," Stauffer said.

If you don't like pork, there are alternative foods you can eat.

"I had the loaded nachos. They were really good," Madison Cowman, a Quincy resident said.

This event also offers live music, activities for kids and a variety of items to purchase.

"We have about 30 or 35 vendors. They are selling anything from jewelry and clothing ... lots of craft items, lots of novelties," Iftner said.

It even helps reunite old friends.

"They'll be walking by and just all of a sudden, you recognize them after 30 years," Ellen Sheppard, co-owner of Razzle Dazzle said.

It may have taken Stauffer three decades to return, but one things for certain. He'll be back to devour another pork sandwich in the future.

"Absolutely, yeah, there's still good people here," Stauffer said.

Currently, the Pike County Pig Days is hosted by the Pittsfield Lions Club.

Proceeds from Saturday's event were donated to the club to help a number of programs in Pittsfield.

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