Mt. Sterling to Music City: How Madd Hoss Jackson juggles family and career

Jobs, family and their music keep the band members very busy.

Making music for a living is a dream seven years in the making for local band Madd Hoss Jackson.

Jobs, family and their music keep the band members very busy.

"Still juggling jobs and playing over 100 dates a year. Five states, that's a lot of time, we're really tired," band drummer Jim Jennings said.

And then throw a family into the mix.

Jim Jennings, Andy Hamm, Mark Behymer and Matt Bullard make up the band Madd Hoss Jackson. In addition to having a successful band, they also have jobs and families.

"First and foremost, we're all family men. We all have jobs during the week and we have responsibilities to take care of," Andy Hamm, guitar and vocals with the band, said.

"My wife has been extremely supportive. She never really complained about what we do. How much travel time that we're on the road," Matt Bullard, guitarist and vocals with the band, said.

"I have a 4 year old and newborn baby. It's tough on my wife a lot of times because leaving on the weekends and I work late nights at my other job," Mark Behymer said.

"Family and home life first. We have to make sure that foundation stays there and then we can go. If we don't have that foundation then the rest of it is no fun," Jennings also added.

That foundation sometimes makes it easier when they miss family moments.

"We try not to concentrate on the things that we're missing. We try to make sure that the time we do get to spend at home is quality," Hamm said.

"I'm home a lot for a lot of the stuff during the week, too, so it's some give and take sometimes," Bullared also said.

"It's not easy sometimes. We're gone 24 hours on the weekends. Sometimes longer than that. Sometimes two days at a time. Monday morning rolls around and it's back to reality. Back to the jobs. Making sure kids are off to school. In the evenings, make sure they got their homework done," Hamm added.

It's that balance between family, job and career that made the band continue for the past seven years.

Their dream of making music for a living is now closer then ever.

Family support is what's going to take Madd Hoss Jackson from Mt. Sterling to Music City.

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