Local firehouse dog to appear on Chicago Fire

A Jacksonville firehouse dog named Smokey

A Jacksonville firehouse dog is gearing up for his prime time debut.

Smokey was chosen from more than a thousand entries nationwide as the top firehouse dog for the prime time show 'Chicago Fire.'

Most days you can find Smokey teaching kids to stop drop and roll at Jacksonville schools. But her story of how she came to live at the city's Fire Substation Two goes back to 2009, when she was just a puppy.

"She was found in a house fire when she was only 8-weeks-old," Lt. Todd Warrick said. "When she was brought out she was clinically dead. With the help of police and firefighters she was revived."

The owners stated that they would not be able to afford the veterinarian care it would take to save her, firefighters then took her in as part of their family.

With the aid of a veterinarian, firefighters kept her on oxygen 24/7 for three days, hand fed and watered her back to the healthy puppy should be.

Click here to hear about Smokey's amazing rescue from KHQA This Morning.

With the help of her new keepers, she learned to let herself in and out of the station to use the bathroom and little tricks to bring fire safety education to local kids. She acts as a training tool by teaching kids to 'Stop, Drop and Roll.'

Lt. Warrick says when kids see Smokey 'Stop, Drop and Roll'; they know they can, too. She's something of a local celebrity in this town, so when a chance to show her off to the nation came around, firefighters like Lt. Warrick jumped on the opportunity.

The Jacksonville Fire Department entered Smokey into a contest for Chicago Fire's Top Firehouse Dog. Click here to learn how she won that contest.

"I entered an essay and she was picked to go out to New York to the Today Show," Lt. Warrick said. Soon after people all over the nation voted her the top firehouse dog, which comes with a cameo performance later this month on the hit series Chicago Fire.

But all this attention isn't going to Smokey's head. She still enjoys greeting her family of firefighters at shift change and working with kids at local schools.

"She's part of the family," Warrick said. "She's just like a family member, but she's employed by the city of Jacksonville and is paid with a lot of dog food and TLC."

Click here to watch Smokey do tricks around the Fire Station.

Despite a close call with death, Smokey is panting proof that every dog has her day.

Expect to see Smokey on an episode of Chicago Fire in the Spring 2014.

Rumor has it she'll be working closely with "Pouch" the firedog on the series.

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