Home project became the 'cats meow'

Zeus on the cat walk

If you are a pet owner, you may think this story is the cat's meow.

Homeowner Jean Ennen has a cat walk that wraps around her home office and part of her living room.

"I said, "do you want to help me with this research project?" And he says, "what are we doing now?", and I said, "well I'm going to build a cat walk", and he said, "would you mind repeating that?", and I said "I want to build a cat walk,"" Ennen said.

She decided to build the cat walk for her five cats after a friend sent her a picture of one.

And once she saw that picture, she knew she needed one herself.

"Most of my cats love to be up high, and play, and it gives them exercise, and they're all de-clawed so they can't get outside and exercise," Ennen said.

The entire process took about three months from start to finish. But before that, Jean spent almost a month researching different cat walks.

Unfortunately she didn't find any she liked, but between her vision and having a carpenter that was up to the challenge, Jean now has her very own unique cat walk.

"I wanted it all made out of wood. The little screws that you see in here, they're black heads and that's what I wanted because it gives it that rustic look," Ennen said.

She says most of her cats are a bit camera shy, but when you least expect it her cats are having a ball.

"They run on it, they sleep on it, they take their toys up there and every now and then if I'm working at the computer or something a toy will come down on my head because they're up there playing," Ennen said.

Next step, the whole house?

Post about the things you do to spoil your furry loved ones below. We'd love to hear about it!

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