Hauntings of Quincy's Villa Kathrine

Villa Kathrine

The Villa Kathrine was built in 1900 as a private residence for George Metz, and from what we've been told, it seems as if George hasn't left.

"Mr. Metz lived here from 1901 to 1912," President of Friends of the Caste, Trudy Rollins said.

After traveling extensively throughout the Mediterranean and Northern Africa, George Metz decided to build the Villa Kathrine in small-town Quincy.

And while so many spooky stories begin with the owner being murdered in their house, that is not the case for this one.

In fact, George Metz sold the house just 11 years after building it.

So the question is, why is he still haunting it?

"One of our board members has had some experiences like she will go past the sitting room, or where we call the smoking parlor, too, and she will smell cigar smoke, so maybe George is in here enjoying a cigar," Rollins said.

People that come through the house have taken pictures where they could see orbs in them, and while walking through the house they would hear strange noises.

Eventually a paranormal group heard of these stories, and decided to check it out for themselves with special audio equipment.

â??They picked up on some conversation and some voices,â?? Rollins said. â??Walked through the kitchen door and had it close behind her and that's very difficult for it to do because it's on a suspension type hinge where it doesn't close easily."

Lucky for the people passing through, George has never done any harm, but it does make people stop and ask themselves, how did this happen?

"I know from my own personal experience, that yeah, I feel that George could be here,â?? Rollins said.

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