Countdown to Dancing with the Local Stars

Dancing with the Local Stars

We are only one week away from Dancing with the Local Stars and the couples are feeling excited.

On Feb. 6, 19 they will take the stage.

The event is a fundraiser for Cornerstone and has been an annual event here in Quincy for five years. And the dancers could not be more excited to perform.

"It's high energy, I think it makes our whole dance a lot more exciting to watch," dancer and KHQA Multimedia Journalist and Weekend Anchor David Amelotti said.

David's partner Rachel admits, there is a lot of laughing going on while they're dancing because it's just that much fun.

And one move in the dance, she puts all her trust in her partner.

"It's a part where we're holding hands and we kind of fall backwards and it's just a lot of fun because it feels like you're moving quickly," Henke said.

For another couple, they even consider some of their moves deadly.

"The cartwheel of death, the lift of death, and then of course the back flip of death, pretty much all of the of death moves," dancer Joshua Jones said.

Luckily, his partner has not been seriously injured.

The couples have been working with their coaches since November.

To get their dancers ready to perform in front of 800 people, a lot of work and dedication goes in from their end, too.

"It's so exciting, I get so nervous for the couples standing in the back or wherever I'm at trying not to do the dances," coach Kailin Schuckman said.

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