Opinion: Trump's 'Art of the Deal' failed at second North Korea summit


    “Negotiator-in-chief” President Trump is learning the Art of the Deal the hard way.

    President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un ended their two-day negotiating summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, early—canceling plans for a signing ceremony.

    Going into this summit I wasn’t too optimistic that a nuclear deal would be reached, so this news isn’t surprising.

    From the start, the Trump administration wanted something North Korea was never going to give: the dismantling of its entire nuclear arsenal.

    The push for a second summit came almost entirely from the president himself, according to current and former White House officials. He was excited about the letters he’d received from Kim as well as the “good rapport” he’d established.

    Trump bragged, in a phone call Tuesday with South Korean President Moon, that he is the only person who can make progress on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

    Trump aides and advisors worried that the summit would not yield big results and that Trump might make concessions in exchange for empty promises.

    President Trump assumed that his negotiation skills and friendly relationship with the dictator would yield fruit. However, it appeared to serve at his detriment.

    Let’s get to the point: Trump expended excessive diplomatic capital in meeting with Kim Jong Un for a second time in 8 months, only to end up empty handed.

    A combination of sanctions, sticks or carrots does not exist that will force North Korea to give up their nuclear weapons.

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