Opinion: DNC right to strip Fox News of Democratic debates


    In a gutsy move, the Democratic National Committee decided to exclude Fox News channel from hosting any of its candidates’ debates during the 2019-2020 election cycle.

    The decision was sparked by a story that ran in the New Yorker, detailing the extent of which Fox recklessly promoted President Trump’s agenda.

    I agree with DNC Chair, Tom Perez in believing that Fox News would not be in a position to host a fair and neutral debate.

    The network’s deep ties to President Trump are enough to make Democrats wary of their objectivity.

    Trump frequently appeared on “Fox and Friends” and has hired several of the network’s former contributors and executives to work in his administration. He even cites Fox News in his tweets, often ranking them above all other news sources.

    Among other things, the author of the New Yorker piece in question, Jane Mayer, reported that Roger Ailes, the network’s previous chief executive, may have provided advanced notice that the moderator, Fox News Host Megyn Kelly, was going to ask the President some pointed questions about his treatment of women.

    And lo and behold she would do just that during the first Republican debate in 2015.

    Let’s get to the point: The DNC made the right decision in removing Fox News from the list of potential primary debate hosts.

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