Opinion: Opposing impeachment, Speaker Pelosi looks to the future of the Democratic Party

    (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

    After months of Trump impeachment chatter House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has squashed the internal debate.

    This week Pelosi said she doesn’t believe the country should go through an impeachment process in a new interview with the Washington Post, saying Trump is “just not worth it” except in the case of new revelations that both Democrats and Republicans can agree are disqualifying.

    A Harvard/Politico poll released in January found that of 21 possible priorities for the new Congress, impeaching the president was tied for last, with only 38 percent of Americans deeming it “extremely important.”

    Speaker Pelosi’s has consistently stated that the House would conduct investigations before making a judgement call on impeachment. The resounding impeachment calls have largely come from new members of Congress for whom impeaching Trump polls well among their constituents.

    They are playing politics for their base and Speaker Pelosi is looking towards the future of the Democratic Party.

    Unless House investigators or Russia investigation special counsel Robert Mueller find something so explosive that Republicans will join Democrats in impeaching Trump, Pelosi doesn’t see a path to successful impeachment and fears further polarizing the country.

    Democrats don’t have time for short-sighted political tricks.

    Let’s get to the point: Uniting this country and providing solutions to our most pressing policy issues should be our top priority. The best way to end the Trump presidency is at the ballot box.

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