Senator Joni Ernst talks import tariffs, immigration, rural broadband, and more

Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa

We're hearing more from U.S. Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa about trade tariffs with China , just as farmers in the Midwest increasingly hold on to their soybean crops..

Adams County Farm Bureau Manager Shawn Valter says that's a direct result of the tariffs that President Trump has imposed on China and their country's retaliation against the U.S. soybean crops.

"A lot of people are holding onto their beans, maybe traditionally they'd be more likely putting corn in the bins to store them, i think we've seen a shift where people storing more beans, hoping the price goes up," said Valter.

Valter says if the stalemate between China and the U.S. continues into the next crop season, farmers could begin to take a hit.

Right now, President Trump has promised to pay soybean farmers $1.65 per bushel to make up for lost costs.

KHQA asked Senator Ernst about the latest on those trade tariffs with China, and her perspective on what it means for farmers in the Midwest as part of KHQA's Connect to Congress initiative

"President Ping will meet with President Trump. Hopefully they can work through issues and keep the conversation going. So we can get good trade deals in place. Fair deals and make sure they are enforceable. We want to see progress. That's good for our farmers, ranchers, and America as a whole," said Senator Ernst

We also talked to Senator Ernst about rural broadband, immigration, and a new role she was recently elected to.

Watch her full interview here.

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