Illinois Congressman LaHood talks about the opioid crisis

Darin LaHood's official Congressional photo

The opioid crisis in this country needs to be an "all hands on deck" approach...that's what Illinois Congressman Darin LaHood says.

We spoke with him earlier this week as part of our Connect to Congress initiative.

He says the federal government just released $3.3 billion to states to help combat this problem.

Illinois will get a first allotment of $16 million.

LaHood says that's a great start, but more is needed.

"That's going to go to helping our first responders with NARCAN, it's going to help with rehab folks, and treatment folks, and our court system," said LaHood.

Congressman LaHood says he recently introduced a bipartisan bill asking the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for an action plan to help curb the opioid crisis.

Read more about his bill by clicking here.

He says we can fix this problem, but it's going to take resources at local, state, and federal levels.

To watch the full interview with Congressman LaHood, click here.

LaHood also talked about a resolution of his that was recently passed.

It could help the U.S. land the World Cup in 2026.

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