Connect to Congress with Iowa Senator Joni Ernst - January 30, 2019

Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa

This week, President Donald Trump tweeted that if Congress can't come up with a solution for a border wall, he wants nothing to do with it, and that could shut the government down again.

We were able to ask Iowa Senator Joni Ernst about that in our latest Connect to Congress interview.

Senator Ernst says she feels the President is making a good point.

While she does not want another government shutdown, she points out that physical barriers have been built in the last four presidential administrations.

She thinks it's 100% political, and thinks something needs to be done to protect our southern border.

"Whatever that is. We've talked about technology. We've talked about physical barriers. We've talked about more agents on the border. Whatever the plan is, we need to do that. I think that is important. The President has made that clear. I don't know how he could be any clearer than he has," said Senator Joni Ernst.

Senator Ernst says as far as what's next, Congress needs to find a path forward that gets appropriation bills done, but also fulfill the President's wishes of stronger border security.

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