Connect to Congress: Senators react to SB1 and funding


Senate Bill 1 now returns to the legislature.

If lawmakers want to override Rauner's decision, they will need a 3/5's majority vote.

If they don't have the votes, the plan dies and questions remain about when schools will get funding.

KHQA spoke with Illinois U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth about her thoughts on the State's broken school funding formula.

Meanwhile, Senator Jil Tracy says Rauner's veto makes SB1 more fair to all schools in the state.

In a statement, Tracy says "Senate Bill 1 unfairly distributed additional funding to Chicago, at the expense of downstate students. I care about Chicago, but I also care about the millions of students all across the state not receiving the resources they need."

August 10th is the day the state must send checks to the schools so they can open their doors on time.

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