Congressman LaHood introduces a bill to help reform IRS


The IRS doesn't exactly have the best reputation when it comes to customer service, and a local legislator is trying to change that.

Illinois Congressman Darin LaHood is a newer member to the House Ways and Means Committee, and recently introduced a bill to get a better response out of the IRS.

LaHood says that's one of the biggest complaints he hears from constituents.

If passed, his bill would give the Tax Payer Advocate Service 30 days to respond to a taxpayer by letter or phone.

"In a small way, it holds the IRS accountable. It makes the folks working at the IRS pay attention to what's going on with constituents in complaints to the IRS to make it more user friendly," said Rep. Darin LaHood.

Here's what's next with that bill.

Right now, it's making its way through the House Ways and Means Committee.

LaHood hopes to get bi-partisian support, and get it to the full House soon.

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