Congressman Darin LaHood talks about tariffs on China


    President Donald Trump recently tweeted that he asked China to immediately remove all Tariffs on U-S agricultural products, including beef and pork.

    He said that was based on the fact that the U-S is moving along nicely with Trade discussions.

    The President said as a result, the second launch of tariffs did not go into effect on March first.

    We asked Illinois Congressman Darin LaHood his thoughts on the recent developments as part of our Connect to Congress intitiative.

    He says he's optimistic about a trade deal with China.

    "I give the President credit. I think that he's got the Chinese attention. We need to stop the Chinese from ripping us off. They've been doing that for 25 years...stealing our military technology, cyber threats, and stealing our intellectual property," said LaHood.

    LaHood says he's not a fan of tariffs usually, but in this case, it makes sense because it got the Chinese attention, and brought them to the table.

    Now, it's time to get a deal done.

    You can watch the full interview with Congressman LaHood here.

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