Meet the other two candidates running for Illinois Governor

L to R: McCann, Jackson.

The November general election is less than a month away.

Can you name all four candidates running for Illinois governor?

Most everyone knows Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner and Democrat JB Pritzker are running.

But there are two others candidates you'll see on the ballot, too.

One of them is Kash Jackson.

Jackson stopped by the KHQA studio on Wednesday.

He is a 20-year Navy veteran, and is running as a Libertarian.

The other candidate is Conservative candidate and State Senator Sam McCann.

McCann stopped by the KHQA studio on Monday.

Sam McCann is the Republican Senator representing Central Illinois' 50th district.

He was first elected in 2010 and professionally is a business owner.

We asked both candidates the same questions:

  • What's your general reaction to the race so far?
  • What's the value of downstate Illinois?
  • Are the millions of dollars from the Rauner and Pritzker campaigns overshadowing other candidates?

Watch the full interview with Jackson below or click here.

Watch the full interview with McCann below or click here.

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