Both Iowa Governor candidates campaign in Keokuk

Both candidates touted a variety of issues Thursday from education, taxes and healthcare

We are less than two weeks from the Midterm Election and candidates in the Iowa’s Governor Race are making last minute campaign stops in the Tri-States.

Iowa Democrat Challenger for Governor Fred Hubbell made a stop in Keokuk Thursday morning, criticizing his opponent’s privatized Medicaid system.

Governor Kim Reynolds hosted a campaign rally in Keokuk Thursday night, criticizing her opponents pitch to raise taxes.

Both candidates touted a variety of issues Thursday, like education, taxes and healthcare.

Hubbell criticized Governor Reynolds saying her interests aren't what’s best for the people of Iowa.

Governor Reynolds says the state of Iowa is in the best shape that it's been in for a long time.

Hubbell says the largest issue Iowans are currently faced with, from his standpoint, is the privatization of Medicaid.

Governor Reynolds disagrees, " Two years ago when we realized we wouldn't be able to look at families in the eye and assure the system would be in place to take care of their loved ones and that's why we have transitioned to managed care, like 39 other states have done."

Hubbell said Governor Reynolds current budget is hurting rural Iowa and shutting down mental healthcare facilities, as well as taking away Planned Parenthood clinics, like the one that closed in Keokuk last year due to budget cuts.

“That affected people, families, neighbors, friends all over the state and they are frustrated and they are mad because it is not Iowa,” Hubbell said. “We’re one of the worst states in the country for Medicaid privatization and we don’t need to be, we don’t have to be. We’re just not doing it in a very smart way.”

Currently, Lee County has the second highest unemployment rate in the state. Hubbell said addressing the unemployment rate starts with education.

”What every business wants is a highly productive, well-educated workforce. They want to have the infrastructure necessary to support their business which is housing, which is internet, which is the roads and bridges the young lady was talking about, and they want quality of life,” Hubbell explained.

Governor Reynolds says she thinks the education record speaks for itself. Iowa is currently ranked fourth in the country in education.

"I'll match my education record against his, where the team that he was a part of in 2009 did a 10 percent across the board cut to K-12 education and higher education in every single agency in the state."

Hubbell says his priority is to stop giving big benefits to large companies and wealthy individuals. Meanwhile, Reynolds says shes working to put money back in Iowan's pockets.

Both candidates for Iowa Governor will continue to travel across the Hawkeye State leading up to the November 6th election.

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