Illinois looking to make sure voting is secure ahead of elections

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WICS) — The state of Illinois is making voter security a top priority for this upcoming election to make sure history does not repeat itself.

"[Illinois] needs to make sure that we don't get hijacked again, that there's no interference," Larry Jamerson, a Springfield resident, said.

It's no secret that Illinois has been working to make sure come this election, there is no threat to voter safety.

"It's an important distinction to make that what happened in the '16 cycle was influencing activity through social media. At no time were any systems of voter tabulation on election day or any changes in vote results ever reported or happened," Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray said.

Despite no changes to final results happening, people in Springfield said they want to be sure there is no chance of any future interference.

"I was pretty upset by it," Karin O’Brien, a Springfield resident, said.

Gray said they have been working with federal and state partners to make sure outside influence does not happen.

"Detecting those vulnerabilities and fixing them, should there be any, as well as sharing information on what the threats may be that are out there. We've taken it very seriously, the state has, the federal government has. We have dedicated dollars to this - we did a lot to make sure we have done that," Gray said.

One new thing this year? Sangamon County has upgraded to a brand-new election reporting results website that has many protections from cyber-criminals.

The new website is to ensure that this election season, there is no chance of outside influence.

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