Illinois governor calls rival 'trust fund baby'

Gubernatorial candidates JB Pritzker (left) and Gov. Bruce Rauner (right) (WICS)

CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner attacked Democrat J.B. Pritzker as a "trust fund baby" and a tax cheat as the GOP incumbent fights a tough battle for a second term.

Rauner and Pritzker met Wednesday for their first two-way debate of the Illinois governor's race. It comes as polls show Pritzker, the billionaire heir to the Hyatt hotel fortune, with a sizable lead over the multimillionaire former businessman.

Rauner hit Pritzker for ripping the toilets out of a home to get a $330,000 property tax break. A Cook County inspector general called the move a "scheme to defraud taxpayers."

Pritzker blasted Rauner for covering up a deadly Legionnaires disease outbreak at a veterans' home. He says Rauner failed to protect veterans in his care, leading to 14 deaths and sickening many more.

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