IL Governor Bruce Rauner urges everyone to get out and vote

Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner talks one on one to KHQA's Chad Douglas. Photo by: Hailey Vetterlein/KHQA

We are now five days away from Election Day.

On Thursday, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner stopped by the KHQA studio for a one-on-one interview with our own Chad Douglas to do a last minute push to get voters to the polls Tuesday.

He said this is a very important election, and we all need to exercise our right to vote.

Not only was the election discussed, KHQA also asked about the Illinois Veterans Home campus here in Quincy.

Earlier this week, union members and supporters staged a protest for the Rauner Administration, and the Home, to reduce overtime, restore 40 positions and implement a plan to recruit and hire candidates. At the time, KHQA reached out to the Governor's office, but did not hear back. I asked him for his response. He said the home has more doctor to patient staff than Veterans Affairs requires.

"We have had an issue with call-ins...people calling in sick, not able to work, and that's caused a little bit of overtime, but overtime is down this year from last year. What I will say is the staff there is terrific. It's like an extended family...and the service and healthcare for our veterans there is outstanding, so I want to thank them for their work," said Governor Bruce Rauner.

We also asked him about funding for a new home. Right now, $53 million has been set aside to start the more than $250 million needed to finish it. He said there is approval from the General Assembly for the money.

"Some of those buildings are 130 years old. Once bacteria settles there, it's hard to eradicate, so we have to get all new plumbing, all new fixtures because our veterans deserve the best."

Back to election topics, we also asked the Governor, as I often do when interviewing candidates, to say something nice about his opponent. Hear what he has to say by watching the full interview, click here.

Speaking of the Governor's opponent, Democrat J.B. Pritzker campaigned Thursday in Bellwood, Illinois.

Libertarian Kash Jackson and Conservative State Senator Sam McCann are also on the ballot.

Click here to learn more about Jackson and McCann.

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