Help identify Knox County gas thieves

Knox County gas thieves

Knox County authorities are looking for your help in identifying three suspects who have been stealing fuel from farms in the area.

The three people are in what appears to be a two door Chevy Tahoe. The three males, one of whom is seen wearing a shirt that has "rat" printed on the back, have stolen fuel and caused property damage several times, mainly at farm property located near highways in Knox County.

Itâ??s believed the suspects have stolen around $1000 in fuel thus far. Authorities in Knox County have also received reports of stolen scrap metal and other items from area farms.

Property owners are reminded to check their locks on their out buildings, and since most of these thefts have occurred at properties near highways, you're urged to keep items of value, like scrap metal, out of view from the highway.

Take a good look, if you can identify any of the suspects shown in the pictures, you're asked to call the Knox County Sheriff's Office at 660-397-2186.

(KTVO contributed to this report.)