Harvest nearly complete

A warm and dry fall has allowed Tri-state farmers to hit the fields hard.

Reports from each of the three states show the majority of fields have been harvested.

Mike Roegge with the University of Illinois Extension Office in Adams County says that holds true on the local level.

He says there are only about 10%-15% of fields have yet to be harvested.

Which is much better than one year ago.

"A year ago guys were just starting out in the middle of October and having to combine in standing water and creating all kinds of ruts because of the excess soil moisture," said Roegge.

Roegge says in some instances crops are actually too dry, causing some farmers to see losses.

He says there has been a lot of tillage done which is a good thing, but the soil temperature is still too warm to apply anhydrous ammonia.

That's the only thing farmers have not yet been able to get to.

There is some bad news for this year's harvest though.

"Corn yields this year are very poor, just excessive rainfall all summer long, starting this spring and continuing all through summer, created a lot of very poor yielding corn," said Roegge.

On the other hand, soybean yields have been average to above average.