Farmers face fertilizer shortage

Wet weather caused farmers to fall way behind last year, but they were able to rebound with a great spring.

Many Tri-State farmers are well ahead of last year as far as planting is concerned.

But they are now running into a bit of a fertilizer shortfall.

Co-owner of Hull Fertilizer Jerry Bunte says farmers across the country have been taking advantage of great weather and packing a lot of work into a small amount of time.

With little work done in the fall, once farmers finally got into the fields there was a big run on anhydrous ammonia.

"We ran two weeks as hard as we can go and it basically just emptied out the terminals where we get our re-supply from. Once the terminals started running out, things started backing up," said Bunte.

That backup has caused in increase in price of anhydrous ammonia, about $40 more. But Bunte says prices start to drop this time of the year, and with much of the crop planted in the Tri-States, that price should start to drop soon