Crop update

Normally this time of year, farmers are thinking about next year's crop, but not this year.

That's because it's been such a wet fall, that about 40 percent of the corn crop is still in the ground.

The good news is most of the soybean crop has been harvested, and U of I Crop Educator Mike Roegge tells KHQA, beans have produced a good yield this year.

The delay in harvesting the corn crop has come because of wet fields.

Heavy farm equipment is creating deep ruts, which could affect the planting season next year.

And the longer the corn stays in the ground, the better chance it won't be harvested at all.

"The best thing we could have right now is to freeze up immediately. If we could get some really cold temperatures and keep them for awhile, the soil would freeze, combines could get in and not damage the soil anymore and take the corn out," says Roegge.

Roegge adds that snow cover would be a bad thing right now because it would just keep farmers out of the fields even longer.