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      Chicks: Not all they're cracked up to be

      Chicks, ducks and rabbits, oh my!

      Farm and Home Supply in Quincy has been bringing in these animals during the spring season for the past 20 years.

      "We bring them in to help support the agriculture side of view of things," Leon Obert, Farm and Home Supply manager said.

      Obert says during the six-week period these animals are up for grabs, they're some of the stores best sellers.

      "People continue to see the point in raising these animals and know where they're eggs actually do come from," he said.

      That's right these animals are for eating.

      While the farm animals are hot selling items during the spring season here at the Farm and Home Supply, Obert wants to remind you that they are not pets. If you're looking to take home something to snuggle with they have something here just for you.

      Obert encourages customers to research before buying an animal.

      "Make sure you know what you're getting into before you get into it," he said. "A laying hen could live to about eight years. So this isn't something you're just going to bring home and not have in a few weeks."

      But if you do find yourself in a game of angry bird, Farm and Home Supply can help.

      "If you do end up with birds you don't want, we have several great local people who are very interested in taking these birds off your hands.

      Farm and Home Supply employees spend about 40 hours a week tending to the coop that houses the chicks. How long will it take you to tend to yours? A question Orbert says you should ask yourself before buying a farm animal.

      You can get more tips on animal care by clicking, here .