Nick StewartMeteorologist/Storm Chaser

Connect With Nick Stewart

School: Western Illinois University

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Nick earned his bachelor’s degree in meteorology in 2015 with a minor in emergency management.

Nick, an avid storm chaser and severe weather researcher, has documented over 30 tornadoes across the Midwest and has successfully placed scientific instrumentation in the path of three tornadoes collecting potentially valuable scientific data. Some of this instrumentation you can easily spot driving through the streets of Quincy atop his vehicle.

He got interested in journalism and broadcast meteorology in college. He served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Western Courier student newspaper for three semesters where he gained national recognition for standing up to school administration for his First Amendment rights as a journalist.

Additionally, he worked as a weather anchor on News 3, the student-run newscast for three years.

At KHQA he gets to do the two things he loves the most, report the news and forecast.

When, or if, Nick has any free time, he enjoys building computers and playing video games.

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