ZONED IN: Unity Preps For Quarterfinal

One game at a time. How often do we hear coaches say that? It's been beaten to death. However, the Unity Mustangs don't care. They are focused in for a Waterloo team this week just like they have been for each previous opponent. Not getting ahead of themselves, and getting ready for the next game. Which is Tuesday night, for a trip to move on to the state semifinals. As the Mustangs get ready, they simply know they need to just play their game.

Coach Carothers: "The whole post-season they've been zoned in. So we're just trying to pick up on some details on this guys, do our best to prepare them. If you don't know what you're doing by now you're in trouble, so just let these guys go out and play and they do a pretty good job of that."

Davis: "We're really going to work on our offense. Make sure you running everything as sharply as we can. Our defense, we're going to work on that too to make sure every things is sharpe. And we're going to be doing the same thing we have been doing, just keep working hard."

Blickhan: "We just keep the same routine for every game. A little pasta, go to Will's house, have a nice team meal and get ready and settle in, calm down and play our game."

Just like their previous matchups, the Mustangs Lane Davis will be the focal point defensively for Waterloo. Unity will put the pressure on their backcourt to take the load of their big man.

Klusmeyer: "We're just going to need some slashes from our guards, some cuts and stuff. We're not going to have to rely on Lane inside, our guards are going to have to make some shots from the outside to open it up for Lane. But also our guards can dribble, penetrate and stuff and kick. And that's how we're going to get up, if they are going to triple team Lane our guards are going to have driving lanes and kick it out for open shots."

Davis: "They're going to be working hard down low, I'll probably catch the ball and come help out on double teams and stuff. I'll just be looking for open cutters and open guys coming down the lane. They'll help off and stuff, but I mean, when we have guards slashing down the lane there's not much they can do. So, I mean, if our guards keep cutting down we'll be fine."

Coach Carothers: "These guys, from what I hear, play a solid man. I think so far in the postseason we've seen some guys double down and help out on lane. Lane's a tough guy to keep the ball away from, so I think if we move the ball on the perimeter the way we have been and keep attacking the basket, he'll open up in due time."

And as determined and focused as they all are, enjoying every bit of the ride has helped them stay loose on the court.

Klusmeyer: "Winner's fun. Everybody knows that. As long as we keep winning and stuff we're having fun. Being this far in the post-season is fun. This is something we've never done together. And just to keep rolling on this like we have the last three years and we just keep moving on more and more. It's just fun to be playing this deep in March."

Davis: "It feels great. All the support we're getting from the community. Everybody's coming out and supporting us, tons of people at the games, everyone is happy every time we see someone. Sometimes we won't even know the person who is congratulating us, it's amazing."