West Hancock's Coy Dorothy signs with MacMurray football

The spread offense has proven to be more than just a passing fad in college football. But that still hasn't made the critical process of recruiting the right high school quarterback to pilot the thing at the next level any easier. MacMurray College Coach Chris Douglas is banking that West Hancock's Coy Dorothy might be just the field general to pull off that transition. His prep credentials at West Hancock certainly speak positively to that theory, after throwing for over 2500 yards and 27 touchdowns as a senior.

"Once I saw that they were a spread offense, I knew it was a fit for me. Their offense is just like what we ran, and I feel like I can adapt to it and help them win some games,"

"Next year his transition is going to be easy. The game is going to be faster for him, but it will be the same philosophies, same concept, same spread offense that he is used to playing in over here. I think that will help him out, having that experience and being able to distribute the ball to the athletes and make them better,"

"I've been in the weight room a lot and putting in extra time with my teammates, and I think that running the offense that we ran will be great for next year's offense. To be ready for next year, I'm going to stay in the weight room, get bigger, and get dedicated to football,"