Welcome to The Home of Coach Dave Swisegood: Augusta shows its Pride in High School Coaching Icon


He is a reputed 84 years old, although Dave Swisegood admits he has lied so much over the years about his age, he's not exactly sure if that number is right.

And that man is still coaching Varsity Baseball. More than two decades after the quote/unquote retirement age.

He's won more games than any coach in the history of Illinois High School Baseball. And in doing so the right way, for more than half a century, he's made his community rightly proud.

So much so that today...the city of Augusta...officially branded itself the home of Dave a manner that will be impossible for any visitor to miss.

Chris Duerr has more with the iconic coach on his special day...

Todd Fox: "You know, he's a legend. And today we honor The Legend's legacy."

Dave Swisegood: "You know what Chris, I am still kind of just floating around in a dream here. I just can't believe it."

Todd Fox: "He's been coaching baseball for 57 years. When he started coaching in 1956, Dwight Eisenhower was President of the United States and Disney had just opened up. So it's amazing what he has done. The 948 wins...another number that doesn't lie."

Dave Swisegood: "Every time that I get up, of a morning, I look forward to a game, or I look forward to a practice."

Todd Fox: "In my opinion, what separates it was the educator that he was. He was a tremendous teacher. He was the ultimate competitor. And everybody has their Swise stories"

Duerr: When you drive by this sign, every day for the rest of your life, what are you going to think Dave?

Dave Swisegood: "I am going to think of all of the unlucky people who aren't as privileged as I was to be the recipient of something like this. This award is unbelievable. How lucky is that? I mean...Something I wanted to do all my life and I got 57 years of it. I love it. I love every day."

Todd Fox: "Here's the best part...he's not done yet. So the chance to honor him the right way now is awesome but the guy is not done and so special to so many people."

Big thanks to WCAZ Radio's Rob Dunham, who contributed to this story.