"We Need to Find the Right Fit"


Two things immediately stood out about the group tabbed to find Blue Devil Basketball's next head coach......

First...the process is a robust thirteen members strong. Not even sure there were that many people involved in the Council of Trent even if basketball is indeed near religion in these parts.

Secondly, the group would be formidable in a pick up game with a lineup that includes Bruce Douglas, Larry Moore, Kyle Cartmill, Andy Waggoner

As to the task at they are charged with...that may prove a bit more challenging.

Search Committee Co-Chair Sayeed Ali: "I think that the best way to identify what our program is capable of or not capable of is to reach out to some of those people who have made our program what it is today. We have some of the tradition and some of the success because of these people."

It is a Search Committee long on Blue Devil Basketball name cache...but absent a single woman or any player from at any point in the Sean Taylor Era.

Ali: "Because that is not there does not mean that the Committee Members that we do have are not VERY involved and know exactly what is going on with our current program. Things we are doing well. Things that there is room for improvement on. But when you go Committee Member for Committee member, it's tough to beat some of the people that we have brought on."

But beyond touting the composition of the Search Committee, hard details like a hiring time frame of even the framework of what the shopping list for a candidate will include seem a complete work in progress.

Duerr: Is there, beyond winning, an over-arching imperative that plays into this hiring process, something you are looking for?

Ali: "No, I think that that will probably be better addressed when we get the committee together. I don't know how fair it would be if myself or Bill...I didn't play basketball. I don't play basketball. I don't have any coaching experience. So for me to say this is what has to happen or this is what we are shooting for...I'd rather sit down and talk to some of these people that are on this list to formulate something and then through the Superintendent's Committee there will be updates throughout the process..."

We do also know at this point there are already eight resumes in the mix and that committee members like Bruce Douglas and Kyle Cartmill who live outside of the area will be video conference-d into the process. Reading the tea leaves beyond that: the only certainty seems to be that quick resolution isn't likely in the cards

Ali: "We are not dragging our feet on this by any means. There is not a specific date, but we are moving on it....

Quincy Public Schools Superintendent Steven Cobb "...Let me just say for me, as Superintendent, and I am not in a rush, is find the right fit. We have to find the right fit."