We Meet Again: Triopia, BC set to renew one of Tri States Best Grid Rivalries


Nathan Banta: "There's a lot of respect....we work with a ton of the Triopia kids in the Summer. So we kind of joke around, get a friendship going. But tomorrow night it's a free-for-all. Friendships all aside."

That is just the nature of the WIVC's bellwether Football rivalry, equal parts classy and combative. History dictates that Brown County/Triopia will be a brutish, physical affair. And for the Hornets to has to be.

Tom Little: "The thing that really concerns us with Triopia is they are going to do things right. They're a big group. They are well coached. And they take a lot of pride in their Football tradition. We know they are going to come out, play hard nosed football and that this is going to be a great football game."

Nathan Banta "(Dean) Arendt is a big kid. So is (Matt) Parker. So we just have to come out and stop their running game. Make them throw the ball."

Tom Little: "Defensively, we know we have to come up and make tackles. We can't allow the big plays and scamper into our Defensive Backfield. Our Front Seven is going to have to do a great job of making contact, gang-tackling, and trying to eliminate the big plays."

Bottom line, the more time Brown County's Offense is on the field Friday, the better the Hornet's odds. This is a team that has scored 106 points the last two weeks and has shown uncommon explosive ability along the way, thanks in no small measure to their wing backs.

Tom Little: "Braxton (Phelps) and Brady (Long) are just two different kinds of guys. I don't think we've ever had two big home run hitters side by side and then when you add the combination of Nathan Mekdara, Wyatt Jones, and Alec Boylen at Fullback it's tough to stop those three fresh horses in the middle and then not get surprised on the edge by Brady and Braxton."

Still, the biggest key going forward for the Hornets is being consistent; a quality that has been somewhat elusive over Brown County's first three games.

Nathan Banta: "Like you said, we've had struggles. Week one was our biggest one. Our offense wasn't clicking at all. And Week Two we knew we had to bring it against West Central because they are a pretty tough team with Boehs and Barnett back there. So Week Two we kind of put it together. And than last week, honestly, we kind of overlooked them (Unity/Payson) and that got us in a lot of trouble. But we brought our game in the Second Half."

Tom Little: "You know I think this team has come out and really concentrated on getting better each play. Working together. Communicating. You know Week One against Greenfield we did a good job of just working through the issues and getting the score when we needed it. Same thing last week against Mendon. Working through the issues at halftime, putting together a good Second half and coming out on top."