Uncharted Territory: Liberty enters sectional after getting over regional hump

"It feels good, really relieving. This team, we know we have a shot to win every game. One thing I've learned is that we've got to stay loose - that's what I tried to tell these guys. Don't do anything different and get dramatic. It feels great,"

"The past few years we've gotten pretty close and lost some tough games but this year we were shorthanded on upperclassmen, but we got it done,"

"We did this for the guys that had been through the program and had the number one seed but couldn't get over that hump and put it all together, but we put it all together today,"

"We've wanted this since I've coached here, and to be the number one seed the last three years and to get the job done - for the most part this is the monkey off the back of the Liberty baseball program and I think these guys are ready to play,"

2011 and 2012 left the Liberty Eagles empty-handed in the regional championship game. An empty-handed number one seed, no less. But if there was a cloud hanging overhead of the team on Saturday, they didn't show it. Characterized by youth, this team made sure it wasn't destined to repeat history.

"Its fitting that two young guys made the last out of the game - two freshmen. We knew Central wasn't going to give up, so we talked about focus and that no matter what happened, fight to the last out. And it came down to the last out,"

"I can't say enough about this team. We're starting 4 freshmen and a sophomore, and its just amazing how much they've grown up maturity-wise and physically - its just amazing,"

Much like the Eagles recollection of those 2 previous losses was short-lived, so too will be the team's celebration of finally getting over the hump. The sectional is uncharted territory, but with the added confidence of Saturday's triumph, Liberty has no fear of the unknown.

"Monday its back to work, we're back to business. Our goal is to keep going and play our best - whatever happens, happens. We just want to play our best each game, and if that means a win, that means a win. If that means we get beat by a better team, then so be it,"

"No, we're not done. We'll go as far as we can go, play hard and stay loose, take everything for what its worth, soak in every moment and have a good time,"