Triple Threat: Zane Lockhart eyes state championship

"As soon as I did it, I knew I had broken the record because I pointed back in the pit and just knew it was the new school record. I couldn't stop smiling for the next 10 minutes and it boosted me for the rest of the day,"

With just a single jump, Zane Lockhart pulled double duty on the record book. The Paris junior broke the district meet record by 2 feet last weekend with a triple jump of 45 feet 4 and a half inches. And a nearly 30 year old school record was toppled in the same instant.

"I've coached a lot of good jumpers - I love coaching jumpers - but he is the best jumper that I've coached in my 9 years of coaching, and he's just a junior. I've had a lot of good jumps, but most of those come during your senior year,"

To really put his accomplishment into perspective, consider this: the triple jump that won the Class 2 state championship a year ago was only 43 feet 6 and a half inches. Zane's tireless ethic in the pits is sure to put every jumper on notice going into next weekend's state meet.

"Its never going to feel like enough - I'm always going to compare myself to 3A and 4A schools and the walk-on distances for colleges,"

"The thing about Zane is that he works hard at what he does. He's very competitive, so he always wants to beat his best jump from the prior meet, so he's going to work hard each week and try to improve,"

"Once he hit that 45-foot plateau, he got his mind made up that he could do it. That's his goal each time is to get that 45-foot jump every track meet. He knows he's done it so there's nothing really holding him back from trying to do it again,"

"I actually kind of like the bigger crowds, I think it helps me do better. But its mainly about getting your personal best and doing the best you can do and if you happen to win, that's an added bonus,"