Trio Of Raiders Sign Letters of Intent

Trio Of Raiders Sign Letters of Intent

We get started with a trio QND signees who all made their pledge today to play football at the collegiate level. First up, the man under center. A 2,000 yard season through the air helped Joey McCaughey show St. Ambrose he is the real deal in the pocket. He signed with them this afternoon...

Joey McCaughey: "Going in to the season I definitely wasn't planning on playing college ball. I was planning on having a successful season but didn't have any idea it was going to be that successful. The success that we had obviously kind of spring boarded us and kind of got our names out there a bit. And coaches started coming to talking to us. It was pretty exciting.

I definitely think the work these guys have put in with me has paid off. I definitely couldn't have done it without these two guys as well as our other receivers, linemen or running backs on the team. So it's awesome. It's an incredible feeling. I don't know exactly what specific major I'm going to go in to. But I'm going to go in to the physical therapy program. I don't know what major. But probably something with Anatomy. Or something like that. But I'm definitely thinking the physical therapy route.

Ambrose just graduated their best quarterback, arguably, ever. In Eric Williamson. He shattered every record they had. So, it's obviously open now. They've got one guys now who's going to be a junior, senior. And I think he's pretty well scratched in to the books for the number one spot. Other than that its just myself and two other freshman. And I'm excited for competition. I'm not nervous or worried about it I'm just excited to get out there and compete."

And the man McCaughey takes his snaps from also make his commitment today. Offensive lineman Jimmy Kase will be heading to Illinois Weslyan in the fall...

Jimmy Kase: "This is a great experience I'm glad I could share it with Joe, Brady and Kennedy. Joe, Brady and I did this whole recruiting thing together. We went to all these schools and did some overnights together. It was fun doing it with some teammates and people you knew. I knew in my heart I wanted to play with them some day. I guess it didn't work out, but it's great though.

Right now I'm probably thinking I'll probably major in Biology and go in to pre-med. I've always liked it. My dads a heart surgeon, so it's kind of in the family a little bit. I'm definitely going to miss all the fans and everyone knowing me and cheering me on during the games. And off the field I guess. It's just a great experience here just everyone knowing me.

Without some of the people that, some of our coaches, Conner McLaughlin, that helped us make our highlights films and help us know what to do and have former players tell us how we're all suppose to do this. It made it a lot easier having this type of program get us to where we our now."

Of course there has to be a man to catch the passes and run between the tackles. And with how talented Brady Genenbacher is at doing both, Monmouth College is happy he chose them his future home....

Brady Genenbacher: "I'm pretty excited. It shows me that all the hard work I've put in paid off. The students here at Quincy Notre Dame are just great and they're a great support staff. My teammates were always there the whole year long. They are just a great group of kids so that's probably what I'm going to miss the most.

Coach Connell is a great coach. He definitely knows his stuff. They really taught me how to work hard. If I work hard I'm going to get where I want to go. So, it's a great program. I definitely want to go out there and prove myself. Right now, I've got to spend a lot of time in the weight room to try and get bigger, better and stronger. So, just got to get better. Show that I can actually play. Me and Joe will probably be running routes and Jimmy will be right there snapping. Just basically doing everything extra that you can do. That's how you get good at football, doing all the extra stuff that no one sees."