The Virtuoso: Jacksonville's Megginson makes a huge early recruiting splash


It is the biggest, most imposing musical instrument you will find in any string orchestra or band....

But even the mighty upright bass loses some of its "intimidation factor" in the hands of a 6'5" 290 pound giant...

And as it happens, Jacksonville High School has a man uniquely qualified for such a task.

Gabe Megginson on playing the Upright Bass: "It just helps with school, makes you think and be more creative. It just kind of helps with the little things..."

"It changes up things. (Music) is not really competitive. It's not physical at all. My Dad signed me up for it. I didn't really want to do the bass, I just wanted to be in the band but he signed me up for the bass and I love it. I love doing it. And I will play as long as I can...I've always thought that if Football never worked out, I could try to do something with music in college and as a career."

To the chagrin of his music instructors, Gabe Megginson's true virtuoso talents seem to lie on the Gridiron. Just sixteen years old, the Jacksonville Junior-to-be already has four Division One Scholarship Offers to his credit, including one from the University of Wisconsin; the Offensive Lineman's equivalent of Juilliard.

Gabe Megginson: "It's pretty awesome. They're always known for their Linemen. Just every Lineman always considers Wisconsin because such a great Lineman School....The work that I've put in leading up to all this feels like it finally has paid off and people are noticing...."

Are they ever. Gabe spent last weekend turning heads at Urban Meyer's Under the Lights Camp at Ohio State. And earlier this Summer, he won Lineman MVP honors at the University of Illinois, right before Tim Beckman offered him a Scholarship. But for all the outsized recruiting attention he has received, Megginson is taking a very measured approach.

Gabe Megginson: "It's really fun right now. I've talked to (Jacksonville Teammate and Northwestern bound Tackle) Blake Hance and he said that it gets stressful towards the end but I still have a while before my decision so it's fun right now."

And for now, Gabe's focus remains on the very promising high school season ahead.

Gabe Megginson: "Everybody is expecting a State Championship. I'll try to be a leader on the field, in the weight room, and everywhere. But..we all have kind of become leaders this year, so that's good. It's a good team."