The Start of Something Good: C-SC students reflect on hoops season

You might call it ground-breaking, or historic - Culver-Stockton's climb to the national quarterfinals could be described a number of ways. But ask any of the students who witnessed the turnaround, and they'll tell you it was a pleasant surprise.

"When I first talked to CJ Adams, I didn't know him very well, and I told him about the dismal years we've had. He told me it was going to be a good season - I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn't expect any of this at all, and to see it happen has just been a great treat for me and all of us here at Culver,"

Not only were the results on the court different than years past, but the buzz around campus steadily changed as well. Because of what this team accomplished, something special has developed among the students.

"It was unity within the school and we were really together. I think it really helped the guys out a lot knowing that, not only were they doing well, but they had this entire school behind them,"

"To see our fans go wild and crazy and just to see people really getting excited about Culver-Stockton as a whole was exciting. We're on the map now and that's really exciting,"

"I'm pretty sure its going to motivate and push other athletic teams in this program to do better. I'm excited for next year to see what they can do,"

Now, we're left to wonder what kind of ripple effect this season will have. Jack Schrader's team brought out the best in the students, who in turn helped the team establish a new direction for the program.

"I wouldn't say they added to the legacy, but I'd say its more of a building block towards a legacy and a start towards a new transition of Culver athletics,"

"They definitely added something to be replicated, they're definitely model athletes,"

"When you mention Culver-Stockton to somebody from California like I am, you don't know what to think. I believe after what's taken place here, when you mention Culver-Stockton, the first thing people will think is basketball and how they can be a part of it,"

The sports culture has changed in Canton. Every student will have a different description of what the season meant, but they'll all agree on one thing: next season can't come soon enough.