The Delbert Huckey Quarterbacking Gene

"A lot of times, Delbert would have gatherings for kids to come over and take in what just went on and making sure that they always felt a part of his family and his extended family,"

"Every Friday night after the game, it kind of started in 2003, we had a party there. People from around the community were always there,"

"Since we always went down to his house after games here in town, he was always the first one to come up and give you a big handshake and tell you 'good game',"

"It was a great time, he was always fixing food for everybody and entertaining, and even though he was 75 years old he would stay up until 11 o'clock or midnight and he just loved it,"

In Kahoka, Missouri, you just can't tell many football stories that don't somehow include Delbert Huckey.

"He was probably one of the biggest supporters with our kids and I know that he was very supportive of our community and everything that we do,"

"I don't think he ever missed a game, on the road or home. I know after that state title game in 2008 we had a big party at his house that night, too, and he stayed up with us pretty late that night I remember,"

"The biggest thing for him is that he loves it around here and his grandsons playing football was just a plus and he just loved coming out and supporting us and the whole team, and he just relished every moment that he had to come out and watch us,"

For as big of a role as Indian pride played in Huckey's life, his lineage has played an equal role in Clark County football. For 7 of the last 10 seasons, one of Huckey's grandsons has started at quarterback. The timeline begins with Drew Huckey in 2003 through 2005. Followed by Brock Egley in 2006. Then came Ethan Allen in '07 and '08. And now, its Austin Egley in 2012. It can't be coincidence - there's got to be something that runs in the family, right?

"I don't know if there's a quarterback gene, but I just think all of us always being around each other and being a close family, we would just push each other and go out and play backyard football, it just kind of helped us out,"

"I don't know, there's got to be something there I guess. We all kind of took that leadership role and that's really what it all was about and it just kind of fell into place. I mean, its got to have a little something to do with a gene in there,"

"You know, I don't think grandpa ever played football, but if he did, he probably would have played quarterback with all of the genes he's left along,"

Delbert Huckey is the definition of a community man. To be part of his quarterback tradition means more than connecting with receivers and reading defenses.

"Just by the way he treated everybody, and he was kind of a leader in the community, so we all kind of took that as we were leaders on the football field and leaders in everything that we do now, and I think we kind of got that from him,"

"Playing hard, representing your town, representing your school, representing your family,"

"Determination. Always being determined that we're going to get stuff done, and getting our minds set that we can do anything - he taught us that. If he got his mind set to it, he'd do anything or anything for anybody, and that's just kind of how we've all been raised,"

"Delbert did a great job of really teaching and preaching to his grandsons of how to play the right way and do things the right way, and he was excited about watching his grandsons play each and every week,"

There's prestige in the name, in being a Clark County quarterback. Upholding it is every bit as important as wins and losses.

"My grandpa, he's just the best guy I know, and he's really kind of pushed me to be who I am today,"

"Its definitely a cool feeling for all of us to carry that on, and even Austin now to keep it going. Its definitely cool,"

Every step of the way for Clark County, Delbert was there, especially if it meant seeing his family on the field. Sadly, he never got the chance to witness grandson Austin take a varsity snap - Huckey passed away in March of 2011. But you still just can't tell a football story in Kahoka without his name coming up, because Delbert Huckey's legacy will be with this program forever.

"My grandpa just passed away a year and a half ago, and I know if he was still here that we'd still be having those Friday night parties at his house,"

"We just try to carry on with his name and make it look good because he was always looking good for everybody,"

"It is kind of an honor to me, just to be able to make my grandpa proud. I know he's watching down on every game but I just hope I'm making him proud,"