The Cornerstone: Mark St Clair's impact on Hannibal measures beyond mere wins & losses

In what turned out to be his last address to his team (in the wake of November's Quarterfinal loss to Kearney) Mark St Clair tells his players "You played with class. You played your guts out. I'm very proud of you"

He was a teacher at Hannibal High for 28 Years.

The Head Track Coach for 27.

The Football Boss for 20.

But make no mistake, Mark St Clair's endeavors were always a partner act.

Without his late wife MaryAnn providing whatever impetus was needed, things would never have been this successful.

And when he lost her, nearly three years ago now to cancer, Mark's life's work...and his life for that matter got put into a different perspecitve.

One that led him today to close the book on a wildly successful tenure with the Pirates.

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