Subway/Superfan Shootout Preview: Unity Lady Mustangs

The tenure of Unity's senior class might best be described as an ascent.

"We've been together since we were in 2nd grade, so we've come together over the years. We've been down and up through games, and been through a lot with these 3 girls,"

"Its definitely memorable - we've came a long way from last year, and its just like our 8th grade year when we went to state, same girls,"

The three seniors have helped turn what used to be considered lofty goals into real possibilities. Things like a 20-win season or recognition in the 1A polls.

"A lot of the younger kids in school look up to us and that will help the program later on,"

"I think the underclassmen have realized that these seniors work all year round in basketball. In years past, when the season started it was just about getting the shoes out and playing, but they've seen the success these girls have had by working all year and hopefully that instills a workmanship in these underclassmen,"

To help increase the win total from year-to-year is one thing, but to help change the attitude of a program is quite another.

"Its starting to become a reality now where all the girls are expecting to win in basketball, and that's where we struggled in years past is not expecting to win, but right now they do,"

"I think we've given them all something to hope for next year and work for. Hopefully we win a conference championship again this year and they can work for that again next year,"

"All these girls are thinking they're going to have a chance to do that next year, too,"

But the talk about next year can be put on hold for now - the current lineup still has a lot on the to-do list. For these seniors, its not so much about writing an ending as it is continuing the climb.